About us

WTS Wind-Tuning-System is a technology start-up with the mission of increasing the efficiency of existing and new wind energy converters in order to make an active contribution to the energy revolution.

As the starting point for WTS, Klaus Röhm, a patent, mechanical and environmental engineer, had the idea to carry over the principle of the back-flow-flap, which has proven itself in the aviation sector, to wind energy. As former gliding instructor, he has a remarkable practical and theoretical understanding of aerodynamics.

Markus Riehl is an industrial engineer and has a professional background as a freelance strategy consultant for start-ups and SMEs, as well as in the field of key account management of an international software corporation.

Since 2017, WTS Wind-Tuning-Systems has been actively supported by InnoEnergy, an early-phase investor for renewable energy start-ups active across Europe.